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Home Staging 101

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably invested countless hours watching HGTV. After a while, you kind of feel like an expert. Am I right? At least, that’s how I feel! Why do you even need a home stager? Living every day in your home, there are things we grow accustom to. For example, we renovated our kitchen this summer – but still haven’t put the trim back on the walls. Oops! But it’s something I see everyday, and have grown used to. Having a fresh set of non-judgemental eyes on your home is vital if you want to sell it for top dollar!

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Here at The Kelly Davies Homes team, we firmly believe in using a home stager! Cassidy, is our go-to girl will all of the skills to get your home listing ready! But, who is Cassidy?

Cassidy Evers is the owner and operator of Peerless Design Studio. She’s located in Appleton, and serves the Fox Valley and Green Bay areas. When asked why she loves home staging, Cassidy said, “I love home staging because it helps buyers see the potential of the property. It cleans it up and puts proper flow to the home so they can focus on the how the home would work for them.”

What is home staging? Home staging is helping a seller get their property ready for the market. Home staging can be used if the property is vacant – furniture is brought in to show the potential. Or, if sellers are still occupying the home, we offer advice about moving things, or what should be removed during the process of selling. We help buyers see the property verses the personal items a seller has.

What happens when you come? If sellers are still living there, I meet with them for a simple walk/talk through the property. I’ll give sellers a list of things to help their property shine! This list can be anything from: rearranging furniture, paint, carpet, or other maintenance the home may need. If someone is selling a vacant property, we schedule a time for me to come and furnish the home. For vacant properties, I don’t require the seller to meet me. I simply come in, do my job, and am on my way!

Peerless Design Studio, Cassidy Evers, Kelly Davies Homes Team, Home Staging, Sink, Interior Design

What is the MOST important thing you want homeowners to do before you come? The most important thing is to have an open mind. Your home is now going to belong to someone else. The personal things you love about the home may not transfer over to the new owner. My best advice? Less is more. An abundance of furniture and personal items means buyers will be distracted. You want buyers to look at the bones of the home and see how it will work for them. A clean and minimal home is vital!

Peerless Design Studio, Cassidy Evers, Kelly Davies Homes Team, Home Staging, Dining, Modern Chandelier

Want to connect with Cassidy? If you’re a Kelly Davies Homes Team client, we’ve got you covered! We’ll make sure to set up a home staging consultation.

Contact Cassidy: or 920-850-0429

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