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The Buyers Are Still Out There!

The world as we knew it has evolved into a new realm of dependent technology to forge us into a territory full of uncertainty and ambiguity.

As things loosen up and the new normalcy is wearing a mask into the grocery store, one thing will hold steady more than ever.  What’s that one thing you’re asking?  The answer is the need for housing and people needing a comfortable place to call home.

Think about this for a second, many people are now making their dollar from the comfort of their own home versus an office setting.  If this is the workforce trend and normal way of living for us humans, many people out there will need more accommodating features in their home to adjust to the times.

For some, an office is now necessary.  For others, simply more space around the living quarters will alleviate the stress the kids may bring being home all the time.

Couple these needs to a housing market here in Appleton that is scorching hot and your home becomes a vital necessity to many.  Homes are still getting multiple offers and selling above list price.  That’s how competitive the Appleton market is.

Now just because homes are moving fast does not mean selecting any off the shelf real estate agent to facilitate the sale of your home.  With the abrupt changes presented to the world, also brought along many real estate agents scrambling to learn new systems because their approach was 100% relied on human interaction.   Human interaction is beautiful, however, that is not exactly the attention your home needs to get top dollar for it at point of sale. 

Marketing your home in 2020 and into the future is more important than ever.  The concepts our marketing team has had in place for me as an agent to position as many eyeballs on the homes I bring onto the market are so crucial to sifting out the perfect buyer for your home.

Virtual is the new normal after COVID19 moves on.  Our marketing approach threads the needle with precision and is sure to attract the buyers to your home.  Call me today if you’d like to explore a few options to list or prepare your home into the Appleton real estate market.

Be sure to get your 5 Step COVID19 Seller Guide HERE!

Stay safe and classy, Appletonians!

Kelly Davies

Kelly Davies Home Team