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Moving With Kids

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Whether a move happens out of necessity or because of a job transfer, the thought of moving with kids can be stressful. And more than a realtor, I’m also a mom. These are the tips and tricks I used when I was selling my own personal home – and it worked great!

1)  De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter! I would say my biggest recommendation would be to de-clutter as much as possible and do a deep cleaning one time – then, if you can, ask your spouse or family member to take the kiddos out of the house about an hour before any showing is about to happen.This way – you can do a quick run through & scoop up toys, put them in a closet or tote, run a vacuum through the house, spray a fresh scent, etc… and quickly get out a few minutes before the showing is set to begin.

2) A Little Basement And Closet Clutter is Okay From the hundreds of showings I have done with Buyers – I’ll say this – they don’t seem nearly as concerned about basement clutter as main living level clutter. If nothing else, run everything you can to the basement. Put items in an organized manner, as much as possible (so that Buyers can still walk through the basement). Basements and closets never seem to be as big of an issue to Buyers – as long as they can look in/at them. But main living level(s) need to be museum show-ready!!

3) Keep The Trunk Of Your Car Empty Showings can happen quickly! And a 2-hour notice for showings can feel like 10 minutes. Have an empty storage container for extra “countertop” messes. Take this storage container with you when you leave your house.

4) Snacks Are Essential My kids are the hungriest after we leave the house. Keeping a package of granola bars and juice boxes was helpful in keeping them occupied – and helped avoid extra calories at the drive-thru. And don’t forget to pack snacks for yourself! As parents, we can be so occupied with moving items, we forget to take care of ourselves!

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