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Renovations – The Best And The Worst

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Whether you just moved into your home – or are looking to sell – a home renovation can add instant value to your home! But how can you be sure you’re spending your money wisely? Check out the BEST and WORST renovations for your home return on investment (ROI)….

bathroom sink

BATHROOM REMODEL – Average Return On Investment 100%+

While a full remodel might cost around $10,000, simple fixes like re-caulking the tub, glazed tile, or removing old shower doors are cost effective and have a great return on investment! If you’re willing to make a slightly larger investment, new flooring, updated countertops or light fixtures can bring your home into 2018.

attic bedroom

ATTIC BEDROOM – Average Return On Investment 80% – 92%  

Stop wasting space in your attic, and add another bedroom! Add a solar powered attic fan to save on cooling costs. Not only will this extra room add more livable square footage to your property, the extra bedroom could be the “push” to sell your home quickly!

landscaping, Kelly Davies Homes Team

LANDSCAPING – Average Return On Investment – 100% You don’t necessarily need to hire a landscaper. This can be as simple as cutting back overgrowth! Pops of color help create a welcoming feel. Whether you’re selling your home – or just moved in – consider plants that grow each year and are low matience.

Theme rooms, return on investment, Kelly Davies Homes Team

OVER-THE-TOP IMPROVEMENTS – BAD Return On Investment While it might be tempting to add a chef’s stove in your kitchen, a gold-plated shower, or a 5 stall garage, renovations like these might be too much for your neighborhood. Find out what’s popular in your neighborhood, and stick with an updated style.

swimming pool, return on investment, Kelly Davies Homes Team

SWIMMING POOL – BAD Return On Investment Are pools a pain or a bonus? Although a dip in the pool might be nice in the summer, not all buyers see this as a good thing. Only expect to get about 50% ROI. And don’t forget, homes in the Midwest see “swimming” weather for a few short month during the year. While splashing in a pool might be nice to have come June, July, and August, the extra yard space is what most home owners expect.

baseball room, kids room, theme room, return on investment, Kelly Davies Homes Team

CUSTOM ROOMS – BAD Return On Investment “Themed” rooms might seem fun – but a buyer only sees the need for new paint. Keep your custom murals to a minimum. Instead, try adding vinyl, removable stickers to your wall! Prints or Canvases can easily be packed and brought to a new home.

Ready to sell your home, and still not sure what renovations work best for your area? Contact the Kelly Davies Homes Team for a free market analysis!

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