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Staging Do’s and Don’ts

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Staging your home for listing images or for showings can mean different things to different people. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to follow!

Do! Get rid of excess clutter. This can be as simple as packing a few boxes for your next home. Excess clutter can also be a big project – especially if you’re still living in your home. Does your living room really need two couches and a chair? Does your bedroom really need two dressers? Anything you can do to make the space look more open is a Win-Win!

Staging Tips, Get Rid of Clutter

Do! Freshen the space with clean, bright linens. Even if your bedrooms don’t have updated furniture, everything can be updated with bright, white linens! And no, I’m not asking you to run out and purchase new comforters for your beds. Just a simple duvet cover will do! Duvet covers can easily be zipped over your current comforter. Pssssttt… Clutter under your bed? Don’t forget a matching bed skirt too!

Do! Add a bouquet of fresh flowers. I know this might sound a little silly – but a nice bouquet of fresh flowers can do wonders for listing pictures! And don’t feel like you need to spend $75 at the florist. A modest bouquet from your local grocery store – or a few hydrangeas from your front garden will do the trick!

Staging Tips, fresh flowers, kelly davies homes team

Don’t! Feature your furniture, custom installments, or art pieces. Your personal items are not being sold with the home. Your furniture should always complement the space you have. If you are not ready to update your home with new furniture – a slip cover for your couch is a good option!

Don’t! Clutter your space with personal pictures. Although these “family galleries” might be trendy on Pinterest, they don’t work well when selling your home. A buyer wants to envision themselves living in the home. It’s hard to dream when your kids staring at them over the mantle. It might feel sad at first, but these images need to come down. You’re moving into a new place where new memories will be made!

Don’t! Leave dark window treatments up! My kids are very sensitive to the light when they’re sleeping – and we have extra curtains hanging in their bedrooms to keep out any glimmer of a rising sun. Although this is functional for our family – it looks tacky for listing images and showings. Try using blackout curtains instead. Or, remember to remove the excess curtains for showings.

Staging Tips, Remove Extra Curtains, Kelly Davies Homes Team

Felling lost with these staging tips! We have a professional staging team we can send to help you! Contact the Kelly Davies Homes Team for more information.

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