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What’s In The Listing Cart?

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What’s In The Listing Cart?

Understanding the statuses in your Listing Cart can save a lot of time ! Many people are hesitant to view or make Offers on homes that are already under contract or have multiple Offers because they do not want to be in a ‘bidding-war’. Being familiar with the codes can help narrow your list based on these factors.

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ACTIVE-NO OFFER – Active status indicates the home is available for sale and likely does not have an Offer on it. Most Buyers focus on homes in these categories.

ACTIVE-WITH BUMP – Active with Bump status indicates the home is under contract BUT the home has a home sale contingency. Buyers can make an Offer on these homes and potentially bump the current Offer.

ACTIVE-WITH NO BUMP – NO BUMP indicates there are no contingencies for the sale of the home and the home is not available for showings.

PEND – Pending sale. The home is in the final steps before closing.

CLSD, EXP – Closed and Expired statuses indicate the home is no longer for sale.

Still confused? Ask the Kelly Davies Homes Team to set up a custom listing cart for you! That will keep you up to date on all of the current active – and available – housing. Your listing cart can be customized to your price range and so many more features!

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